Position your church to respond
to the gray divorce crisis

The gray divorce crisis is here to stay.

Thankfully, DivorceCare is the perfect tool for church ministry to bring God’s healing love to hurting Baby Boomers. Whether you’re relaunching DivorceCare or looking for ways to expand your existing DivorceCare ministry, our team is here to support you with essential resources.

Are you ready to help people heal from the pain of divorce?

Connect with a DivorceCare consultant

If you’re restarting a group that’s been dormant for a while, you may not know where to begin when it comes to relaunching your DivorceCare ministry. If that’s you, don’t worry. One of our free consultants can help. They will answer any DivorceCare-related question you have. Go ahead. Try and stump them!

You can reach a consultant by phone or email

Phone 800-489-7778

Make sure you have the latest version of DivorceCare

The 3rd edition of DivorceCare is fresh and updated: it’s the next generation of divorce ministry.

Features include

  • 27 new DivorceCare experts
  • Crisp, high-definition video
  • 47 new testimonial interviews
  • New dramatic videos
  • All-new workbook and leader materials

Jump-start your group with Surviving the Holidays

Designed to work seamlessly with any edition of DivorceCare, the all-new Surviving the Holidays is the perfect way to boost your group heading into the New Year.

Surviving the Holidays is a one-time outreach event designed to help participants in your DivorceCare group and throughout the community find hope during the holiday season.

Additional materials

Order more workbooks for your DivorceCare group members, market your group with publicity posters and professionally designed brochures, and get copies of the DivorceCare 365-day devotional book. All these resources are available in the DivorceCare Leadership Store.

Visit the Leadership Store

Don’t forget to download a free copy of Gray Divorce Crisis: 10 Ways Your Church Can Respond to the Baby Boomer Divorce Epidemic.

Restarting DivorceCare? Your leaders will never be alone

DivorceCare leaders and church staff have access to a wide array of support to ensure the success of your DivorceCare group.


Your leaders can explore the wealth of information and resources in the LeaderZone. (Note: You can only access the LeaderZone after your church has purchased a DivorceCare kit.) LeaderZone resources include:

  • Leadership library: Valuable articles on starting and leading a healthy group ministry, handling challenges, promoting the ministry, and more.
  • Free online advertising for your group: Churches offering DivorceCare to their communities get a free listing in our online “Find a Group” search engine and can list specifics about their weekly group. This is a powerful promotional tool. See it in action.
  • Promotional tools: Logos & sample ads, create a banner, promo videos, and logo apparel.
  • Leadership store: Order workbooks, posters, brochures, and replacement items.

Leaders’ Forum

The DivorceCare Leaders’ Forum is a daily, moderated email forum. DivorceCare leaders from around the world participate in a helpful and lively exchange of ideas on how to lead DivorceCare groups.

Leaders find answers to their questions about running a DivorceCare group, share prayer requests, discover new ideas and events, and offer support to other leaders.

Free access to our DivorceCare consultants

Your leaders have free access to unlimited, one-on-one support from our ministry consultants. They’ll help you start, maintain, and grow your DivorceCare ministry. They’re only a phone call or email away.

Phone 800-489-7778